Young people leaving care

Leaving care

We support young adults as they move from being looked after by the council to living independently.

Before you leave care

When you are nearly 16 years-old, your social worker will start making a plan with you to help you prepare for life as an independent adult.

This plan – called a Pathway Plan – will replace your Care Plan when you are 16 years-old. We will talk with you about this plan, and it's important you're involved in creating it.

Your Pathway Plan is about your needs – it includes:

  • what you'll get when preparing to leave care
  • the support you'll receive after you have left care

We will make sure you have all the support you need to say what you want and how you feel, and will help you set goals for your future.

When you are 18 years-old

After your 18th birthday, your personal adviser will be responsible for your Pathway Plan and you will no longer have a social worker.

Your personal adviser will work closely with you to find out what help you'll need to make your first steps into adult life a success.

They will help you learn the skills you need to live independently, like:

  • budgeting your own money
  • shopping
  • paying bills
  • going to college
  • getting a job

Local Offer

Our local offer sets out what you're entitled to, what we expect from you, and help for you to make the most of your independence.

Big Wide World guide

Our 'Big Wide World' guide to independence is full of useful information to help you live independently when you leave care.