Our support for children in care

Your social worker

A social worker is someone who has been trained to help young people and their families when they go through difficult times. Each social worker works with a number of different young people and families. Every child and young person that is looked after has a social worker.

Your social worker works for us and is there to help you during your time in care. They will visit you to make sure that you are OK and that everything at is going well where you are.

They should visit you at least every 4 weeks.

They will ask you some questions about how you're being looked after, and will also speak with your carer. While you are in care your social worker will keep a lot of information about you on your file, including a record of these visits. You can see this file if you ask and give them time to get it.

If you're unhappy or feel like you need to talk to someone, you can spend time with your social worker and ask to see him or her on your own. They will offer you whatever advice and support you need.

When you spend time with your social worker you can talk to them about anything, including your interests or hobbies. Your social worker will try and make arrangements, so you can do things you are interested in.

Your social worker will go to different meetings with you.