How to complain


We want to make sure that your complaint will be listened to and acted on by the right service, so it is important that you use the right complaint process.

You cannot make a formal complaint about:

  • something that happened more than 6¬†months ago
  • something you have already gone to court about, or could have gone to court about
  • something that has its own appeal process, such as parking fines, school admissions

General complaints

Most complaints about council services are general complaints.

You should use our general complaints process unless you are complaining about social care services, a councillor or a school.

You will be given a reference number and sent an acknowledgement if you complain by email. Complaints made by phone will be taken by a call handler.

Go to general complaints.

Social care or housing complaints

Social care complaints have their own process, depending on whether the complaint is about a service for adults or for children and young people. Go to:

There are also different ways in which housing complaints can be resolved.

Councillor complaints

Complaints about councillors are dealt with by our monitoring officer.

Go to complaints about councillors.

School complaints

Complaints about schools should be directed to the school's head teacher.

What we do

You can read examples of how we've dealt with complaints, including the lessons learned, in our complaints and enquiries reports to Standards and Audit Commitee.