Education for looked after children

Your education

We want to make sure that you receive a good education. All young people between the ages of 5 and 16 must be in education – this is the law.

We want the young people we look after to get a good start in life and we will help and support you to continue your education or training beyond 16 – for example, you may want to go to college or university.

The right education means the right job or career for you in the future. It means security and independence and hopefully job satisfaction. Your day-to-day life in school can provide stability and friendship and be central to your future.

Going to school is a real opportunity for you to gain the qualifications you need to succeed. You have a responsibility to make sure you go to school every day.

If there is any reason that you do not want to go to school, you should speak to your social worker or foster carer and tell them the reasons. They will be able to help you sort out whatever the problem is. You should have full-time education unless it is impossible for you to do so.

Some young people with special educational needs may go to schools that can meet these needs.