Welcoming children into care

Coming into care

Children and young people are in care through no fault of their own. When you are in care, we are responsible for looking after you.

Lots of young people are looked after – some return home after a few days, some stay for a few months or even years. Others stay until they are 18, either because it's not safe for them to live at home any more or because their parents aren't able to look after them. Some young people may be adopted and find a new family to live with.

We asked the courts for a Care Order if we think a child or young person is not safe at home.

Coming into care can be a confusing and difficult time but there are people who will help to look after you. It is important that these people:

  • listen to what you say
  • give you as happy a childhood as they can
  • prepare you so you can be successful later on
  • do their best to keep you in touch with your family and friends, unless there is a reason why you cannot see them

Wherever you live, you will be cared for and should expect to be well looked after.