Home adaptations and equipment


Equipment and home adaptations can make your life easier and safer.

Types of equipment

Equipment can include anything that can be re-used once you no longer need it. So it isn’t usually something that is fixed permanently in your home. Examples include:

  • raised toilet seats
  • perching stools
  • bath lifts
  • telecare

See pictures of types of equipment and adaptation.

Types of adaptation

An adaptation to your home is any change made to your home to help you live comfortably.

Examples of minor adaptations include:

  • hand rails
  • stair rails
  • half steps

Examples of major adaptations include:

  • changes to the layout of your toilet or bathroom
  • changes to doorways
  • putting in a stair lift

See pictures of types of equipment and adaptation.

Other changes

Sometimes equipment may not be the best way to help you.

Instead of buying equipment, you may be able to change the way you do everyday things to make them easier.