Vehicles suspected of waste crime


We have the power to seize a vehicle, trailer or mobile plant and their contents if we believe it is being used for – or will be used for – waste crimes such as fly-tipping.

When we can seize a vehicle

We will seize a vehicle if it has been:

  • used to dump waste illegally – fly-tipping
  • used to transfer waste while driven by someone not registered as a waste carrier
  • used to transfer waste to someone not registered as a waste carrier
  • used at a site that is breaking the rules of an environmental permit

Vehicles we have seized

We list details below of vehicles we have seized that can still be claimed.

Vehicle description Vauxhall Corsa
Registration number MM57 KBY
Date vehicle was seized 12 March 2020
Place vehicle was seized Romford Road, Aveley, RM15 4PJ
Reason Fly-tipping a washing machine on Warwick Court, Teviot Avenue, Aveley, RM15 4QS
Any claim must be made before Sunday 12 April 2020

For information on claiming a seized vehicle, go to claiming your vehicle.