Abandoned vehicles

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

You can report an abandoned car or other vehicle to us.

Signs that a vehicle has been abandoned include:

  • it's been stationary for a long time – at least 21 days without moving
  • there's lots of damage – burnt out, broken windows, rusty
  • it's run down or not roadworthy
  • the number plates are missing
  • it contains waste
  • the doors are open or unlocked
  • tyre are flat or wheels are missing

If you abandon a vehicle you could receive an instant £200 fixed penalty notice or be taken to court and fined up to £2,500.

You must not report parking problems as abandoned vehicles. If you know of an on-going problem that needs parking enforcement, you can make a parking enforcement report.

Untaxed vehicles

To find out if a vehicle has up-to-date vehicle tax or has been registered as off the road, go to GOV.UK: check if a vehicle is taxed.

If a vehicle is untaxed and is either still used or on the road, you should report it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) – you should not report it to us as an abandoned vehicle.

DVLA: Report an untaxed vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

For us to deal with your report of an abandoned vehicle, you must tell us the exact location of the vehicle, along with its registration number or make and model.

Report an abandoned vehicle