School meals

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – schools

Go to GOV.UK: what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges. Check the website of your child's primary school, secondary school or special school for specific information and advice.

Our child-friendly video, welcome back to school and nursery, shows how children can learn and have fun together while still staying safe from coronavirus.

For guidance on continuing your children's education at home, go to GOV.UK: supporting your children's education during coronavirus (COVID-19). Go to GOV.UK: online resources for home education for websites to help children learn at home. BBC Bitesize also offers daily lessons.

Go to GOV.UK: GCSEs, AS and A level awarding for information on how qualifications will be graded and awarded in summer 2020.

Free school meals vouchers during the summer holiday

If your child is entitled to free school meals and you would like to receive vouchers for the summer holidays, you must order the voucher at least one week before your school term ends. It will be issued to the family within 7 days unless you have specified a later distribution date.

For example, for schools closing on 17 July 2020, you must place orders for all vouchers by 10 July 2020.

Full details on how to apply for food vouchers for all your eligible families -

School catering

Our menus have been awarded Gold Standard by the Food for Life Partnership.

Every day we provide school meals to over 7,000 students in Thurrock. We provide affordable, nutritious meals for local school children.

Over 75% of our food is made using local ingredients, and we use:

  • organic and traceable farm fresh British meat
  • 200,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables every year
  • fish that is caught from sustainable sources

Check our current primary schools menu.

Our menus are:

We have monthly theme days and we run fun cooking events to educate children about healthy eating and cooking.

All key stage 1 (KS1) pupils, including reception children, are entitled to free school meals. Your child could also get free school meals if you are receiving certain benefits.