Business rates

Business rates premises data

This information is for businesses and potential investors in Thurrock.

Premises with credits on business rates accounts

We deal with credits regularly and clear them as soon as we can. We only write on credits for limited companies to:

  • offset a previous write-off
  • if the company is dissolved

Published data is accurate only at the time of publication

Business premises data lists

Sometimes we can't provide information about business ratepayers for legal reasons. We have removed the names of people from some account entries to protect their rights. For example:

  • where the property business is for a sole trader
  • where the property business is a partnership
  • people mentioned in the contact details

We can provide the ratepayer name where it is a company name that does not unfairly identify someone, such as:

  • limited companies
  • incorporated companies
  • charities

We can also provide details if the person owns other businesses where:

  • their personal details have most likely already been made public
  • the person's name is not mentioned in the contact details for the account