Unauthorised traveller encampments

Reported encampments

Action will be taken to remove any unauthorised traveller encampment on land in Thurrock.

Encampments on council land are dealt with by the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU). In some circumstances, the police can act to remove unauthorised encampments.

The following encampments have been reported.

Location Reported Status Next action
No encampments reported.

You can report new unauthorised encampments.

Residing in Thurrock for a limited period

Travellers wishing to reside in the borough for a limited period of time at a nominated site should make a request in advance using the contact details below.

Name: Officer Ward
Role: Enforcement Team Leader

: 07774 461 397

: enforcementservice@thurrock.gov.uk

In 2019, we applied to the High Court for an injunction preventing unauthorised encampments. The injunction was discharged on 8 February 2024.

Managed sites

We manage 3 sites in Thurrock for Gypsies and travellers.