Travel planning

Workplace travel plans

Workplace travel plans promote and encourage sustainable transport use amongst staff, and have a wide range of benefits for both employers and their employees.

Benefits for employers are :

  • helps lower business costs, such as business travel or car park management costs
  • gets staff to be more active on the journey to work, increasing staff productivity and lowering sickness absence
  • helps recruit and keep staff by widening their travel choices
  • can help with parking problems by encouraging staff to travel by other means
  • makes a good contribution to your business' reputation and environmental policy

Benefits for employees are:

  • widens staff travel choices for the journey to work
  • can lessen individual travel costs
  • promotes health and fitness
  • can widen the job search areas of job seekers

We have our own workplace travel plan, and local employers are also discovering the business benefits that workplace travel planning can bring.

Contact us if you would like help with promoting and encouraging sustainable travel use among your staff, including developing and implementing a travel plan.

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