Study of travel access in and around Thurrock


A study of journey distances and travel times in and around Thurrock was made in April 2016 to find which parts of the borough have greatest access to services and facilities, and where there might be gaps in access.

The study included the whole of Thurrock, and 5 kilometres further out to the west, north and east. The area to the south was not included, where the River Thames borders the borough.

Access to services and facilities

The study looked at access to health, education, fresh food and employment – specifically:

  • GPs and health centres
  • fruit and vegetable retailers
  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • further education
  • large areas of local employment
  • local centres, such as parades of shops or high street areas
  • the bus network and railway stations

Access to employment locations, and transport that leads to employment locations, were looked at rather than access to employment itself, as the locations of opportunities and numbers of jobs available can change frequently.

About the study

Travel calculations were made by Basemap Ltd. We provided local information to Basemap, who used the TRACC computer programme to work out journey times for different ways of travelling.

The settings for this study were the same as those used by the government for its GOV.UK: journey time statistics, published in December 2015.

Our information was accurate as at January 2016.