Rent a council garage


We provide garages and garage plots for rent across the borough.

Garages are either in standalone blocks or under properties such as maisonettes or flats. Garage plots are available to rent either for parking or if you would like to install your own garage.

Rent charges from April 2022

Type of rent If you are a council tenant If you are not a council tenant
Garage £11.10 each week £13.32 each week
Garage plot £107.95 for the year £129.54 for the year

Applying for a garage or garage plot

If you would like to rent a council garage or garage plot, you must apply to join our waiting list.

You don't need to be a council tenant to apply but you must not owe us any money.

Paying garage rent

To pay your garage rent, you can either:

When paying online, select 'Rents' to pay your regular rent – you will need to your 10-digit rent account number. Select 'Invoice Payments' to pay an invoice for a garage site.

Terms and conditions

You must comply with the terms and conditions of your rental agreement.

For information, go to: