Register of disabled children


The register is a database that holds information about children with disabilities who live in Thurrock.

If you are the parent of, or have parental responsibility for a child with a disability, you can add their details to the register by completing a simple form. Details are sent directly to the Sunshine Centre in Tilbury.

Register of disabled children form

Why we have a register

By law we have to keep a register. Information is added to the register on a voluntary basis.

Parents and carers receive a membership card – the 'Rainbow Card' – and a pack of useful information.

Your child does not have to be on the register to get health or social care support.

Who can access the information

The register is kept by the Team for Disabled Children at the Sunshine Centre. Statistical information may be shared with partner services to help us jointly plan services.

Information on individual children will not be shared

You are entitled to see the information we hold about your own child. You can request to have your child’s details removed at anytime.

From time to time we may send you other information that is relevant to you. Sharing of information will be in line with the data protection law.