Parking permits

Resident parking permits

If you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) or permit parking area (PPA), you may be eligible for a permit to park in these places.

You may also be eligible to use short-stay visitor parking permits so your visitors, including trades people, can park in the zone or area. If you don't have a vehicle of your own, you may be eligible for a visitor voucher authorisation.

You can check lists of roads within each parking zone or area.

Types of residents' permit

A residents' permit allows you to park your vehicle either within the parking permit area, or in a permit holder's bay within the controlled parking zone, applicable to your permit. It also allows you to park in a shared use parking bay – this is a bay that can be used by parking permit holders and motorists who display a valid pay-and-display ticket.

A residents' permit for multiple business vehicles or fleet vehicles is only for residents who use a vehicle provided by their employer and may have to use a different vehicle each day.

A temporary resident permit is for residents who would be eligible for a residents' permit but who are not able to provide the correct documentation when applying. After a temporary resident permit expires, you should apply for a residents' permit. You may only have one temporary resident permit per vehicle.

Permit charges

Resident parking permits are issued for 1 year.

Charges from 1 April 2024 are as follows.

Permits Cost
​Parking permit for first resident in the household £20
​Parking permit for second resident in the household £25
​Parking permit for third resident in the household £30
Temporary permit £14.50
Replacement or amendment of permit Free

Apply for a resident parking permit

Use our secure online My Account service to apply. First go to 'My Account – parking permits', below, then either 'Sign in' with your email address and password if you already have an account, or use the 'Register' option to create a new account if you don't have one.

My Account – parking permits

When you login, you will be shown:

  • Permits – a list of your electronic permits and their current status (older paper permits are not listed)
  • Permit Applications Available – a list of the types of parking permit for which you can apply.

For a new residents parking permit, go to the 'Permit Applications Available' table and use the 'Apply' button for the type of permit you need.

When applying for a new permit, you will be asked to upload images that show:

  • proof of residency – council tax bill, rent card, or a bank statement or utility bill from last 3 months
  • proof of vehicle ownership – for UK vehicles this would be a copy of your V5 registration document

If you use a company vehicle you should upload an image of a letter, on company headed paper, that shows the vehicle registration number and your name and address as an employee. This letter would be instead of the proof of vehicle ownership, but you must still provide a separate proof of residency.

You can upload images direct from your own computer or smartphone.

If you're a resident at a licensed house in multiple occupation (HMO) within a parking zone or area, and your account does not provide an option to apply for a resident parking permit, contact us using our parking permit form for residents at a house in multiple occupation.

If you change address or have a new vehicle

If you've moved to a new property or have a new vehicle, you cannot apply for a resident parking permit until your vehicle registration document has been updated to show your address.

While waiting for this, you can apply for a temporary parking permit or get visitor parking permits using your solicitors' letter or tenancy agreement as proof of address. You can use your 'new keeper' slip as proof of a new vehicle. You can use a visitor parking permit to park your own vehicle.

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