Moving to different council housing

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – housing register

New lettings are currently only being made by direct offers to risk-assessed homeless households and applicants whose safety is at risk where they live – for example, due to abuse. We will contact tenants who were due to move out between 11 May and 31 May, offering the choice to extend their notice period and move later, or withdraw their 'notice to quit' completely.

We are reviewing government guidance and, if possible, will allow all applicants to make housing bids and arrange mutual exchanges from early June. We may extend the current arrangement, however, if necessary to follow government rules on staying alert and safe ('social distancing').

Housing transfers

If you are one of our tenants, or a tenant of a housing association living in Thurrock, and want to move to a different council or housing association property in Thurrock, you can apply to join our transfer list.

If you have no rent owing (rent arrears) and there are no problems with anti-social behaviour you can join the list. You do not need to pass the local connection or financial rules set for housing waiting list applicants.

Housing lists

Housing waiting list Transfer list
  • Thurrock Council tenants with a priority band – Band 1, 2 or 3
  • Thurrock housing association tenants with a priority band – Band 1, 2 or 3
  • Non-Thurrock Council or housing association tenants
  • Thurrock Council tenants with no priority band
  • Thurrock housing association tenants with no priority band

When you make your application we will place you on the correct list.

The rules about how we allocate properties are included in our housing allocation scheme document.