Make a planning application

Applying for planning permission

Making an application online is the most efficient way to submit your proposals.

You can submit an application to us via the Planning Portal website.

If you wish to submit a householder application you can find important information in our householder planning applications guide that can help make sure your application is valid.

Planning Portal – applications

The portal offers a quick and easy way to apply, with online help available. You can upload your supporting documents and pay your application fee online. Submitting your application online saves on postage and gives you immediate verification of your submission.

Please read our pre-application advice page before you make an application.

You should also read our information to be submitted with all planning applications and, if relevant, our householder planning applications guide.

Time to process applications

Minor applications take between 6 and 8 weeks to be processed and have a decision sent out. Major applications take up to 13 weeks to process, or 16 weeks if accompanied by an environmental impact assessment.

Other ways to apply

Our planning application forms are available to print from Planning Portal: download offline printable forms. Simply follow the 4-step process:

  • enter the site's postcode and select the address – you can use map references if the site doesn't have a postcode or address
  • choose your application type
  • give answers to further questions, if needed
  • print out the application form, help text and guidance notes