Hazardous waste


The most likely form of asbestos in your home is bonded asbestos cement.

This type of asbestos was used for:

  • corrugated shed roofs
  • rainwater pipes or guttering

Risks to your health are low if asbestos products are in good condition and left undisturbed.

If you live in a council-owned property and are worried about asbestos in your home, contact your housing estate officer for help.

Asbestos removal and disposal

We cannot remove asbestos for you.

You can find an asbestos removal contractor in Essex by checking the listing at Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA): contractors in Essex.

You can legally remove asbestos from your own property but you must use proper protective equipment and follow safe working practices. When removing asbestos, you must:

  • thoroughly wet the material before handling
  • not break, grind or saw the material
  • take the material apart in complete sections where possible
  • use a dust mask and disposable overalls
  • double-bag the material in 2 strong plastic bags

You cannot dispose of asbestos at our Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Linford.

You must find a privately-operated waste disposal site that will accept asbestos – it’s important you phone them in advance to check they will accept your waste and their charge for doing so.

For more on asbestos health and safety, go to Health and Safety Executive (HSE): asbestos.

Reporting asbestos

We cannot remove asbestos for you. If asbestos is broken or being removed, we can only:

  • check that safe practices are in place
  • make sure specialist licensed contractors are used
  • pass your concerns on to the Heath and Safety Executive (HSE), if necessary

If you need to report asbestos for any of the reasons above, use our pollution and noise form.

Report pollution or noise

Advice for businesses

Businesses must always dispose of asbestos waste correctly and responsibly. You can find out more business waste disposal and licensed asbestos contractors at: