Deaths, burials and cremations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Thurrock Register Office

Thurrock Register Office is closed, except for pre-booked appointments to register a death.

Before booking an appointment to register a death, you must first have received a 'Medical Certificate of Cause of Death' (MCCD) from the doctor's surgery. Only when you have this certificate, you should call 01375 372 822 or 01375 375 245.

Only one person is to attend the appointment and provide the information to be registered. If you or anyone in your household shows symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), you must not come to the Register Office. Instead, you must stay at home and change your appointment date.

Following government advice, no other Register Office appointments can be made until further notice. This includes birth registrations, marriage or civil partnership notices or ceremonies, citizenship ceremonies, certificate requests, re-registrations and corrections. During this period, you can claim for child benefit or Universal Credit before your baby's birth has been registered.


Burials can take place any day of the week but not on bank holidays.

What happens after a burial

After a burial:

  • the ground will subside and settle for a few months
  • we will level the ground, seed and maintained it
  • we may remove any temporary markers on the grave

Burials next to your family grave

If a burial happens next to your family grave, then your family grave may be covered with earth for a short time.

The headstone will be protected and put back immediately after the burial has taken place.

Cremated remains

There are memorial gardens for cremated remains at each cemetery.

Cremated remains can also be placed in graves.

Blessed and unblessed areas

All cemeteries have a blessed and an unblessed area.