Protest injunction


On 24 April 2022, Thurrock Council and Essex County Council applied for a High Court injunction to protect the public highways from unlawful protests, which pose significant risks to the public.

The full details of the prohibitions can be found in the injunction order.

Copies of the claim form, application notice and supporting evidence can be downloaded below.

Protest injunction files – evidence bundle and hearing bundle.

Injunction extended to May 2023

Following a High Court ruling, the terms of the injunction will remain in place until at least May 2023.

Under the terms of the injunction, protestors are prevented from blocking roads and vehicles at petrol stations in Thurrock and Essex, or at The Navigator Fuel Terminal, The Esso Fuel Terminal or Exolum Storage Ltd in Thurrock, or at Oikos Storage Limited in Canvey Island.

The sealed order is provided below.

Order of the Court, 27 January 2023

Directions Order, 21 December 2023

Application, 27 March 2024

Directions Order and Amended Claim Form, April/May 2024

Witness statement of Adewale Adesina, Exhibit AA3, June 2024

Protest injunction files – QB-2022-001317, Exhibit AA3 bundle of documents.

Witness statement of Adam Rulewski, 11 July 2024

Order of Mr Justice Knowles, 12 July 2024

Bundle for hearing on 12 July 2024

Protest injunction files – QB-2022-001317, Bundle for hearing on 12 July 2024.