Freedom of information response

Social workers employed for children services

Publication date: 
Monday 28 October 2019

1. Please provide the most recent data you have produced on children’s services social worker workforce recruitment and retention covering a twelve month period (which should have been sent to central government a week or so ago).

2. Please provide the ethnic breakdown for both your social workers and their clients.

3. Have you strategically (as opposed to processing individual applicants) recruited(or remain in the process of recruiting) internationally trained social workers over the last twelve months. If your response is YES:

a. please indicate numbers involved (interviewed and offered jobs),

b. source countries (as defined by the passport or ID card of applicants),

c. what was your shortlisting process, where and how were interviews conducted,

d. whether you did this yourselves or used an agency,

e. please provide whatever relocation package was made available,

f. Non EU social workers will usually receive a three year visa which can be extended thereafter at significant cost. For a social worker, his or her spouse and two children this will cost about £7000. What assistance do you provide with regard to this additional tax (the actual cost is a few hundred pounds)?

g. Please provide an outline (content, length, supervision arrangements etc) of whatever induction program was made available to international recruits,

h. a breakdown of the costs involved,

I. what were the challenges and what could have been done better?

4. Is it your intention to consider recruiting international social workers over the next 12 months? If YES please indicate the reasons why this is deemed necessary and which source countries are or are likely to be targeted.

5. If you have strategically recruited internationally trained social workers over the last five years please indicate how many were recruited from which source countries and when together with promotion and retention rates.


1. Please see attached documents Appendix A and B in regards to data for the last 6 months and previous workforce report for 2018-19.

2. We are not able to provide data on Social workers Clients, but the below information is for the employees.

141 in total (as at August 2019): White – 72 BME – 44 Not stated – 25

3. No

4. No

5. N/A

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