Freedom of information response

Right to buy Scheme

Publication date: 
Tuesday 22 October 2019

1. In total, how many leasehold extensions have been agreed since Right to Buy started? If records are incomplete on this, please also indicate what years of data are available.

2. How much has been raised from these extensions in total? Again, if this is for specific years, please also say which years are covered.

3. How many of these were 90-year extensions under the 1993 Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act? A percentage is fine.

4. How many extensions for each of the last 10 calendar years? How much was raised in total for each year? If the information is more easily available in fiscal years, please deliver it so, but please do indicate if that’s the case.

5. For each year of the last 10 years, how many extensions were for leases with 80 years remaining or less? How much was raised from these extensions?

6. How much was raised from the single most-expensive extension? When was this, and how many years were left on the lease before the extension? Again, if records are patchy, please indicate whether this is the most-expensive, or the most-expensive for whatever years are available, and what those years are.

7. How much was charged to leaseholders in fees in total for these extensions?

8. Who were the parties paid the fees and how much each? If this includes law firms, please name the top five and how much each of them received.

9. How many extensions went to tribunal per year for the last 10 years and in total? How much was spent on tribunals by the council?

10. In total, what percentage of Right to Buy properties were sold leasehold and what percentage freehold by the council? Again, if records are incomplete, a percentage relating to existing records and the timeframe of those records will be fine.


1. Two

2. The total raised from the premium £7620 (2017= £3,500, 2019= £4,120)

3. 100%

4. Total: £7,620. 2017/18= £,3500, 2018/19= £4,120

5. None

6. £4,120 was the premium and the unexpired term was 81.3 years

7. £3,600 in total

8. Lease valuation fee £2000 to external surveyors, council legal fee £1200 and council admin charge: £400

9. None

10. 29.57% were sold leasehold and 70.43% were sold freehold since 2007 under Right to Buy

Request reference:
FOI 9455