Freedom of information response


Publication date: 
Monday 28 October 2019

1. Please can you tell me how many individual potholes you have identified or had reported to you since January 2017? Please break down the figures in an Excel file that lists results by each half year.

2. Please can you also provide me with your annual spend on pothole repairs since January 2017? Please break down the figures in an Excel file that lists results by each half year.


Standing potholes – via public reports, routine inspections and noted in passing

From To Year Potholes Identified Estimated* Pothole Spend
January June 2017 1682 £100,920
July December 2017 852 £51,120
January June 2018 3065 £183,900
July December 2018 1442 £86,520
January June 2018 1835 £110,100
Jet patching of smaller defects including some small potholes
Year Defects Filled Spend    
2017 9879 £125,909.92    
2018 3062 £57,630.53    
2019 1847 £45,284.00    

*average applied as differing depths and severities result in differing material usage

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Request reference:
FOI 9468