Freedom of information response

No Rource to Public Funds

Publication date: 
Thursday 7 November 2019

Contact details
1. Does your local authority have a separate team dealing with requests for support under section 17 Children Act 1989, for example an ‘NRPF team’:
2. If yes, please provide contact details for this team (telephone and email)
3. If no, please confirm where referrals for such support should be directed to and the contact details (telephone and email)
4. Please also provide contact details for the relevant legal team supporting children’s services or dedicated NRPF team:

5. Do you have any guidance or policy documents or other such written material in respect of undertaking assessments and providing support pursuant to section 17 of the Children Act 1989 to families with no recourse to public funds (including documents specific to this issue, or of more general application but covering this issue)?
6. If yes, please provide us with a copy.

7. Do you pay a set rate of financial subsistence to families with no recourse to public funds?
8. If yes, what is paid?
9. How has that figure been reached? E.g. is it by reference to Child Benefit rates, asylum support (section 4 or section 95 rates)?
10. When was this level set?
11. Who took this decision?
12. Please provide copies of any reports, minutes, decision documents detailing the setting of this rate.
13. If you do not pay a set rate of financial subsistence to families with no recourse to public funds, do you have any guidelines relating to rates of financial support?
14. If yes, please provide a copy.


Contact details

1. No

2. N/A

3. The referrals are processed by the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

4. Strategic Lead Safeguarding improvement -


5. NRRF Procedure published March 2019

6. Please see attached document Appendix A


7. No – this is assessed on a case by case basis, Financial subsistence to families is provided under S17 CA1989

8. N/A

9. It is assessed on the families’ income and financial need

10. N/A

11. Thurrock Council

12. N/A

13. No

14. N/A

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FOI 9512