Freedom of information response

Fly Tipping

Publication date: 
Monday 14 October 2019

a. For the last financial year (2018-2019) how many fines did your authority issue for fly-tipping?
b. What was the total revenue received from these fines?
c) How much was spent on issuing these fines?
a. For the last financial year (2018-2019) how many times did your authority prosecute individuals or businesses for fly-tipping?
b. How many resulted in convictions?
c. Was any revenue received as compensation?
d) How much was spent on these prosecutions?

3) For the last financial year (2018-2019) how many cases of fly-tipping did your authority deal with?
4) For the last financial year (2018-2019), what the was total cost to your authority of dealing with fly-tipping?
5) How many people live in your local authority area?


1a) There were 166 FPN issued for fly tipping offences.

b) The total revenue for these fines was £66,400.

c) Information not available.

2a) No prosecution were made for fly tipping

b) No convictions

c) NIL

d) NIL

3) There were 2174 incidents of fly tipping

4) Total cost clearing fly tips approximately £160,000

5) Population of Thurrock 157,500 people

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