Freedom of information response

Double Red Lines

Publication date: 
Tuesday 15 October 2019

1. How many miles of road under your jurisdiction currently have double red lines/are classified as red routes?

2. How many miles of road under your jurisdiction had double red lines/been classified as red routes in September 2018, September 2017, September 2016, and September 2015?

3. Do you currently have any plans to increase or decrease the number of double red lines on your roads in the foreseeable future? If so, please provide details.

4. What penalties do you issue to people who break red route rules?

5. How many penalties have you issued to people breaking red route rules over the last five years? Please provide a year-by-year breakdown.


1. Zero

2. Sept 2018 = Zero

   Sept 2017 = Zero

   Sept 2016 = Zero

   Sept 2015 = Zero

3. Proposal to provide a Red Route along the A1013 Lodge Lane and A1306 Arterial Road, between J31 of M25 and Daneholes RAB to the east. Currently in the early stages of development, but Lodge Lane is potentially the first stage.

4. As per the Traffic Management Act 2004.

5. Zero

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