Freedom of information response

Litter Thrown from Cars

Publication date: 
Monday 4 November 2019

Does Thurrock Council have any potential role to play in discouraging litter thrown from cars on the roadside or is this a matter for the Essex Police?


Environmental Enforcement Officers from Thurrock Council take robust enforcement action against littering where operationally possible. In cases of littering from a stationary vehicle we take robust enforcement action by way of issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to the identified offender. However, enforcing against littering from a moving vehicle presents as more problematic and officers are restricted by their powers. Thurrock Council are exploring, developing technologies that may have the capacity to be used as enforcement tools against littering from vehicles. However at this time we have not been presented with any viable products in this area.

Thurrock Council fully also support the Cleaner Essex Campaign which discourages littering from vehicles. Recent actions in support of this campaign include frequent radio broadcasts discouraging littering and the placing of banners and posters at Strategic Petrol stations and fast food restaurants including those along the A13

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